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Water Jet Cutting Key Terms

Abrasive Blasting

The process of blasting an abrasive material in granular, powdered, or other form through the waterjet machine.


Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is used to make detailed drawings of parts to be cut with the water jet cutter. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software is used to help develop tool paths. Usually CAD & CAM are included within the same software.

Cold Cutting

The process of cutting hard materials without using heat. The water jet cutting machine uses a high pressure stream of water which prevents heat damage.

Composite Materials

A combination of two materials with different physical properties. Composite materials are often cut with a water jet cutter as they are quite strong and common composite products require a high level of precision.


A type of abrasive material used in waterjet cutting. It is used to increase the cutting power.

High Pressure Water Cutting

The process of using a water cutting machine that uses extremely high pressure water to cut through almost any material. Waterjet Perth uses a water jet cutter with a water pressure of 4,000bar.

Porcelain Tile Cutting

Porcelain is a type of ceramic. Ceramics are hard material which can absorb high compression forces but can’t be sheared easily. Porcelain tile cutting service refers to the service that Waterjet Perth offers (cutting porcelain tile using a high pressure water cutter).

Rubber Gasket Cutting

A rubber gasket is a mechanical seal that is generally inserted between two or more objects to prevent leaks of gas or liquid. There are different methods that can be used to cut rubber gaskets, including waterjet cutting.

Stone Cutting

A process of using a water cutting machine to cut stone. Types of stone include granite, marble, limestone, and slate.

Taper Effect

Techniques that are used to change the shape of the cut. If the water stream spreads out due to being further from the nozzle, a taper effect occurs. The speed of the cut can also cause different taper effects. 

Water Cutting Steel

A process of using a water cutting machine to cut metals and steel. Types of metals include stainless steel, hardened steel, aluminium, copper, and titanium.

Water Jet Cutting Glass

The process of cutting glass using a water cutting machine.

Water Jet Cutting Machine (Water Jet Cutter)

A machine that uses a very high-pressure stream of water (sometimes combined with a granular abrasive) to cut a wide range of materials, including plastics, metals (like steels, alloys, titanium, and copper), rubber, glass, concrete, ceramics, and stone.

Waterjet Cutting Head

A component on the water jet machine that directs the flow of water into a highly focused beam for accurate cutting.

Waterjet Cutting Service

A service that uses a method of cutting materials by utilising a high-pressure jet of water.

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Who is Waterjet?

We are a locally owned company focused on making water jet cutting more accessible as a solution for those tricky, intricate, and tough jobs that need a little pressure applied.