At Waterjet Perth, we specialise in providing top-quality industrial plastic cutting services to businesses and industries throughout Perth and Western Australia. Our advanced waterjet cutting technology allows us to cut plastic effortlessly and accurately to precise specifications. What makes waterjet cutting perfect for cutting plastic is the absence of heat to cut materials. This eliminates the risk of plastic melting during the cutting process. At Waterjet Perth, we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service, with a typical project turnaround time of 3-5 business days.

Plastic Cutting Services

Waterjet Perth can cut a wide variety of plastic of any grade and thickness, with a maximum thickness of 120mm. Our water jet cutting services include precision cutting for plastic and large scale industrial cutting services. We also offer custom cutting options tailored to your unique requirements.

Getting started with Waterjet Perth is easy, simply send us your project details (in DXF or PDF format) and the plastics you would like us to cut and let us handle the rest. With our advanced waterjet technology, we can cut materials with an impressive +/-1mm accuracy.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting for Plastics

Using a waterjet cutter to cut plastics offers a multitude of benefits. The biggest advantage is the ability to cut without using heat. This cold-cutting operation eliminates the risk of melting and warping due to heat stress, resulting in an unbeatable finish every time.

Waterjet cutting is not only capable of handling more detailed cutting operations but is also a more cost-effective option compared to other plastic cutting methods. The high-pressure stream of water mixed with an abrasive allows for unbeatable precision and finish, making it easy to cut plastics with little to no further processing required. This translates to shorter lead times and no additional treatment needed, resulting in a high-quality finished product delivered quickly.

Get your plastics cut to perfection at Waterjet Perth.

For more information on our custom plastic waterjet cutting services contact the expert team at Waterjet Perth on (08) 9020 7194 today. We also strive to deliver the best price possible when quoting for a job and we are open to price matching (subject to job/quote type). Get a quote now.


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