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How does Waterjet work?

Water jet cutting uses an ultra high-pressured water system (66,000 psi) and abrasive particles to cut a large array of materials, including those which are heat-sensitive or extremely delicate. The resulting cut is both clean and accurate to a tolerance of 0.025mm. 

How do I know if you can cut my material?

Visit our materials page for more information on what our Waterjet system can cut. 

For further information, call us on 0412 783 467.

How thick can my materials be?

The capability of the Waterjet cutter varies according to the softness or hardness of the material being cut. The usual range is between 0.2mm and 150mm thick. Hard materials are usually cut within a 1mm to 120mm range.

What makes Waterjet different to other cutting machines?

  • Precise cutting
  • No heat involved means no damage to the material
  • Fragile materials are cut with ease
  • No gas emissions
  • Waterjet can start and finish with a clean line, with no holes in the material
  • A control system which is pre-programmed to automatically cut
  • High quality finish every time

Does Waterjet only read DXF files?

Yes, Waterjet software only reads DXF file format, which we require in order to quote your job. Alternatively you can send us a CAD file and we can convert it to DXF.

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