Suitable Materials

The specialised point of the Waterjet cutting machine allows it to cut through a range of materials with speed and accuracy. As there is no heat involved, there is little-no risk of cracking or damaging the material.



Composite products are used in applications which require high strength but low weight. Product examples include resins, fibreglass, fibre reinforced plastics, concrete, car body parts, bicycle components and helmets, and more.

plastic water jet cutting


Packaging products, building and construction materials, components for the automotive industry, medical products, and many household products are made from or contain plastic. Water jet cutting is the ideal technique for custom cut plastics without melting the edges of the cut.

metal cutting services


Metals, including stainless steel, hardened steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium can be cut using Water jet cutting machines.  Metals can be deformed by the excessive heat generated by some cutting techniques (like grinding and machining). Water jet cutting metal is an ideal technique to shape metal products without damaging the material.

glass waterjet cutting


Glass is formed at temperatures in excess of 1700 degrees Celsius. The resulting product is hard and brittle and typically transparent. Water jet cutting glass can be used on glass without shattering or cracking the surface.

stone cutting services

Stone or Rock

Types of stone include granite, marble, limestone, and slate. Stone is used as a building material by combining it with concrete to add strength to the construction. It is also used to make paving stones and even roads through combining it with tar. Water jet stone cutting is a preferred method and prevents any damage to the material.



Ceramics are formed by mixing clay with additives and water and moulding it into the desired shape. It is fired in a high temperature kiln or furnace before cooling after which it is set. Ceramics are hard and brittle materials, which can absorb high compression forces but can be sheared easily. We offer ceramic tile cutting services using our high pressure water cutter.

close up of rubber material for waterjet cutting


Rubber is naturally produced from latex, which occurs in certain plants or is synthetically produced in factories from petrochemical raw materials.  The primary application of rubber is the production of tires for the automobile industry, but other uses include wet-suits, hosepipes, waterproofing and adhesives. Our rubber cutting service is perfect for this sticky, fibrous material.

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