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Why Use Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting machine uses high-pressure water sometimes enhanced with abrasive particles, to slice through materials both safely and accurately. The biggest advantage of waterjet cutting over laser and plasma cutting techniques is that it is a cold operation, which ensures the chemical structure of the metal is unaffected allowing for a clean finish. It can also handle much more complex operations than the simple punch process, making waterjet cutting the most versatile and cost-effective cutting service on the market today.

Industries requiring precise material cuts, such as the automotive and aerospace sectors, favour waterjet cutting for its efficiency in crafting custom parts with precision. The superior quality finish provided by cold waterjet cutting streamlines operational efficiency by eliminating the need for additional processing. Furthermore, the absence of heat and dust contributes to a safer, more environmentally friendly workplace.


How Thick Can My Materials Be?

The capability of the waterjet cutter varies according to the softness or hardness of the material being cut. The usual range is between 0.2mm and 150mm thick. Hard materials are usually cut within a 1mm to 120mm range. Stainless steel or stone with a greater thickness can also be cut with a waterjet under certain circumstances. A successful result depends on the purpose for which cutting is done (for example prototype or production) and the unique system operating conditions. Custom waterjet cutting may be required for certain materials that have complex cutting specifications.

Cut Any Material with Precision Waterjet Cutting

A specialised waterjet cutting machine can effectively cut through any material with precision and ease. Because it is performed under cold conditions, there is little to no risk of damage to fragile and heat-sensitive materials, making waterjet cutting the safest and most effective way to cut virtually anything.

Some materials that are commonly cut by waterjet machines are plastics, metals (like steel, aluminium, titanium, and copper), rubber, glass, concrete, ceramics, and stone.


High pressure water cutting is particularly effective for cutting complex materials such as composites, which are made from 2 or more materials.


Waterjet cutting is highly beneficial for plastics, considering their widespread use and adaptability for specific applications.


This cutting method stands out for metals like stainless steel, hardened steel, aluminium, copper, and titanium. The technique delivers high precision, enabling complex cuts with fine details.


Waterjet cutting is highly effective for glass due to its cold cutting process, preventing thermal stress and ensuring the glass's integrity remains intact.

water jet cutting in perth - waterjet perth

Stone or rock

Abrasive waterjet cutters can precisely cut a broad array of stones and rocks without heat, ensuring clean cuts and preserving material integrity.


Waterjet cutting technology allows for the precise and clean cutting of ceramics. This method enables the creation of complex shapes and fine details without the risk of cracking or damaging the fragile ceramic material.

close up of rubber material for waterjet cutting


Waterjet's ability to cut without introducing heat is particularly beneficial for maintaining the rubber's properties and performance.

Why Choose WaterJet Perth?

WaterJet Perth provides customised waterjet cutting solutions for a range of Perth businesses. With our cutting-edge waterjet technology, we can cut almost any material with ease. From plastics to hard metals, you supply the material, and we will do the rest. For an obligation free quote or to learn more about our waterjet cutting services, contact us today on 0412 783 467.

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