Waterjet Perth has extensive experience in cutting aluminium and brass for a range of businesses in Perth and WA. With our waterjet technology, we are able to provide an unbeatable finish for your project with our aluminium cutting services.

What separates waterjet cutting technology from other cutting methods like laser cutting is the absence of heat. This means no blemishes or warping and a clean and precise finish every time. The turnaround time for a project is often between 3-5 business days.

Aluminium & Brass Cutting Using Waterjet Technology

Cutting aluminium and brass is easy with Waterjet Perth. We can cut aluminium and brass of any grade and density with a thickness of 120mm. To get started, simply send us the materials and your requirements via DXF or PDF and leave the rest to us. With waterjet technology, we can cut aluminium and brass within +/-1mm of your requirements.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting for Aluminium

When cutting fragile metals like aluminium and brass it is important to take care of the metal during the cutting process. Laser cutting and other traditional cutting methods use or generate heat when cutting metals. This can damage the material and causes the metal to warp and distort ruining the finish of your product.

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