Waterjet Stone Cutting Perth

There is no better and safer way to cut stone than with a waterjet cutter. Waterjet cutting is an industrial cutting method that uses a high-pressure stream of water coupled with an abrasive to cut through many types of stone and rock with precision and speed. The absence of heat allows for a safe cut that leaves a quality finish that simply cannot be achieved with a laser cutter. At Waterjet Perth, we cut a range of different stone types including granite and marble to meet your unique project requirements. Whether you need stone cutting for a kitchen benchtop or a stone top table, at Waterjet Perth we can cut stone to suit your unique requirements.

Stone Cutting Services

At Waterjet Perth, we provide quality stone cutting services for businesses and stonemasons in the Perth metro area and across WA. What separates our stone and rock cutting services from other competitors in Perth is the waterjet cutter to cut stone with an unbeatable precision that simply cannot be matched by other cutting methods. The incredible finish produced by a waterjet cutter eliminates the need for further processing steps making waterjet cutting the most costeffective and efficient stone cutting service on the market.  
Please note, that Waterjet Perth does not provide materials, we provide the cutting service only. Simply send us your requirements and the stone you would like cut and leave the rest to us. It’s that easy! 

Benefits of Glass Waterjet Rock and Stone Cutting

There are many benefits to cutting stone with a waterjet cutter. The main benefit of waterjet cutting is that the operation is performed under cold conditions. What this means is a cleaner, more precise cut that requires fewer processing steps to meet your requirements. This makes waterjet cutting the most costeffective, efficient, and safest cutting method for industrial stone cutting With waterjet cutting, we are able to cut stones like granite and marble with absolute accuracy. This state-of-the-art technology can achieve a cutting accuracy of up to +/-1mm with a premium finish.

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