At Waterjet Perth, we provide steel cutting services for a range of businesses and industries across Perth and WA. With our waterjet technology, we are able to cut sheets of stainless steel and even carbon fibre with ease and with precision. What separates waterjet cutting from laser steel cutting methods is the absence of heat to cut materials. A waterjet cutter uses a high pressure stream of water with an abrasive to cut steel and avoids the use of heat completely. This eliminates the risk of unsightly marks and warping due to heat stress leaving a premium grade finish every time with little to no further processing steps. The turnaround time for a project is often between 3-5 business days.  

Carbon Fibre and Stainless Steel Cutting Services

Waterjet Perth can cut steel of any grade/density with a thickness up to 120mm. Depending on your preference and specifications, we offer a course or fine steel cutting finish for your project and provide custom cutting services that meet your unique requirements. To get started with our steel cutting services, simply send us your requirements (via DXF or PDF) and provide us with the steel you would like cut and leave the rest to us its that simple. With water cutting, we can cut steel and carbon fibre accurately and achieve up to a +/-1mm accuracy with ease.  

Benefits of Steel Waterjet cutting

There are many benefits to using a waterjet cutter as an alternative to steel laser cutting. The biggest of which is the ability to cut stainless steel and carbon fibre without the use of heat. This cold cutting operation eliminates the risk of unsightly heat marks and steel warping due to heat stress leaving a pristine finish every time.  

Not only can a waterjet cutter handle more detailed cutting operations but it’s also more cost-effective than laser steel cutting. The unbeatable precision and finish that is achieved with the abrasive added to the high-pressure stream of water allow for steel to be easily cut with little to no further processing steps, this means no lengthy delays and no further treatment, just a quality finished product delivered fast.

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