Precision Porcelain Tile Cutting

Cutting porcelain tiles with precision has never been easier than with a waterjet machine. At Waterjet Perth, we can cut large porcelain tiles and panels to meet your requirements with our state-of-the-art waterjet cutting technology. Save time cutting tiles and money with Waterjet Perth now.

Tile Cutting Services

At Waterjet Perth, we utilise the latest cutting technology when performing tile cutting services for our clients across Perth and WA. We understand that it is the finer details that separate a good build from an amazing one. Waterjet cutting is the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective method for cutting tiles without compromising on quality & damaging the tile itself. Waterjet cutting is extremely versatile and can cut a range of different materials including porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Being a cold-cutting operation, the structure of the tile is unaffected which eliminates the risk of tiles cracking under intense heat.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

There are many benefits to using a waterjet cutter for tile cutting over other conventional methods. A large amount of time spent by a tiler is spent cutting tiles. With our waterjet cutting services, we can cut your tiles to the exact measurements required for your project, minimising your cutting time and maximising your time to get the job done.

Another added benefit of waterjet cutting is the amazing finish and accuracy that can be achieved. Because it is performed under cold conditions, materials cut using a waterjet cutter have no blemishes or heat marks.

Enquire today About Precision Porcelain Cutting Services in Perth

For more information on our tile cutting services in Perth, get in touch with the expert team at Waterjet Perth on 0412 783 467 today. We strive to provide our clients with our most competitive pricing, and we are open to price matching (subject to the job type/quote type). Get a quote today.


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