Using a waterjet cutter is both the safest and most effective method for cutting rubber. This industrial cutting technique uses a high-pressure stream of water, combined with an abrasive, to safely cut through rubber with exceptional precision and speed. Unlike other rubber cutting techniques, waterjet cutting avoids the use of heat, resulting in a safe cut and a high-quality finish that cannot be matched.

At Waterjet Perth, we specialise in cutting various types of rubbers that are used for industrial projects, including natural rubber, silicone, nitrile rubber and more. Our team of experts can cut industrial rubbers to meet exact specifications and ensure a flawless result.

Rubber Cutting Services

Waterjet Perth offers quality waterjet rubber cutting services to businesses across Perth and Western Australia. What sets our rubber cutting services apart from our competitors is our state-of-the-art waterjet cutter, which enables us to achieve unparalleled precision when cutting fragile materials such as plastics and rubbers. Our waterjet cutting method delivers an exceptional finish, eliminating the need for additional processing steps and making it the most efficient and cost-effective option available for cutting industrial rubbers.

Please note – we do not supply industrial rubbers for cutting- we offer the cutting service only. To get started, all you need to do is send us your requirements and the rubber you want to be cut, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Cut Rubber with a Waterjet

Waterjet cutting offers numerous advantages for cutting rubber. The most significant benefit of using a waterjet cutter is that it allows for a cold-cutting operation, resulting in a cleaner and more precise cut, with fewer processing steps required to meet your needs. Therefore, waterjet cutting is the most cost-effective, efficient, and safe cutting method for cutting industrial rubber. Our waterjet cutting technology is capable of cutting natural rubber and silicone with utmost accuracy, achieving a cutting precision of up to +/-1mm with a superior finish.

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