At Waterjet Perth, we provide a safe and efficient alternative to laser cutting for metal gates and fence panels. Waterjet cutting is a precision cutting method that uses a highpressure stream of water to cut metal without using heat. This cold cutting method leaves your metal gates and fencing panels with an unbeatable finish, free from heat marks, metal distortion and warping caused by heat during the laser cutting process. At Waterjet Perth, we cut with precision, exactly to the client’s specification. Waterjet Perth can easily cut metal decorative screens, fences and gates, privacy screens and more. 

Laser Fence Panel Cutting Services

At Waterjet Perth, we provide metal gates and fencing panels to homes and commercial buildings across Perth and WA. We can create metal gates and fencing panels from a wide range of different metals including (but not limited to) steel, iron, aluminium, brass, copper, and more. Waterjet Perth makes metal cutting easy. Simply send us your requirements, the materials you would like cut and leave the rest to us. Our turnaround time for our fence panel and gate cutting services is typically 3-5 business days with no further processing required to the end product. This makes waterjet cutting the most efficient way to cut metal for gates fencing panels. 

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

There are many advantages to using waterjet technology over other alternative metal cutting methods such as plasma or laser cutting. With waterjet cutting, you can accurately cut materials without causing heat damage and warping to your product. Because we cut metals and other materials in cold conditions, the risk of heat damage is eliminated. With a waterjet cutter, we can cut metal gates and fence panels up to a +/-1mm of accuracy with an unbeatable finish that requires no further processing steps. Not only is waterjet safe than laser cutting but more accurate and efficient. 

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