Laser Cut Screens Perth

Waterjet cutting is the safest and most effective alternative to laser cutting for metal screens. Waterjet is a precision cutting method that cuts metal using a high-pressure stream of water without using heat. As a cold operation, the metal structure is unaffected, which removes the risk of heat damage and eliminates the risk of the metal becoming distorted during the cutting process, leaving a high-quality finish every time. Waterjet can cut metal sheets into custom decorative screens, signs, lettering, fencing and more.

Metal Cutting Screen Services

Waterjet Perth provides metal screen cutting services to a range of businesses and industries across Perth and WA. Our state-of-the-art waterjet technology allows us to cut metals up to 130mm thick with precision. Simply provide us with the required specifications and we’ll accurately and precisely cut your metal sheets to meet your requirements. We can even cut metal screen custom designs up to a +/-1mm accuracy. Our turnaround time for our metal cutting services is usually 3-5 business days and generally, your project does not require any further processing making water jet cutting the most effective way to accurately cut your metal screens with laser precision. 

Benefits of Waterjet Metal Screen Cutting

There are many benefits to using waterjet technology as an alternative to laser metal screen cutting. A waterjet provides a safer and more efficient way to cut metal screens with the absence of heat. Conducted under cold conditions, waterjet cutting eliminates the risk of metals being distorted due to heat stress as heat exposure is bypassed. Not only can a waterjet handle more detailed and elaborate operations but it is also more cost-effective than using a laser to cut metal screens. The abrasive which is added to the high-pressure stream water allows for virtually any metal to be cut with ease and accuracy, leaving a finish that cannot be beaten by laser metal screen cutting technology.

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